Wholesale Coffee

Great beans make amazing coffee, but not without a little love along the way

We roast and dispatch our coffee directly from the Highlands so it arrives fresh, we provide training so it can be served well, and we can help you source the perfect kit to make it all work.

Are you looking for a quality coffee that gets you a “they serve an amazing coffee” review? Then we have something in common. Let’s talk about your business, and work together to provide that awesome coffee experience that will keep your customers not only returning but talking about you to their friends.

Our Espresso Blend

Premium coffee is grown at high altitude and our signature roast is the Highland Roast, so named because it is grown in High Lands and then roasted in the Highlands. We have carefully selected speciality beans from South American and blended these from the Far East to produce a blend with bright fragrant, full body and mocha finish.

Our Good Morning

In addition to the Highland Roast, we have also developed a milder gourmet coffee to suit those whose taste runs to more fragrant, gentler coffees. It is called the “Good Morning” and comprises; a total of four coffees, in which two medium-dark roasts sit on top of the Brazil/Colombia base.

Our Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaf doesn’t have to be bland, it can still taste of coffee. We are delighted to offer this very tasty decaf which is utterly satisfying! It is Swiss Water processed which leaves the coffee flavour but removes the caffeine. Richly dark and full of expression, yum!

Barista Training

We can provide barista training for your staff and maintain that service as and when it is required. After all, the brewing is crucial. Trained and confident staff will not only enjoy, but will rise to the honour of serving quality coffee.

Your Own Roast

We are happy to work with you to develop your own house blend. Book a tasting in the shop and let’s invent!

Commercial Espresso Machines

We have an extensive range of espresso machines, grinders and accessories. All provided with installation, commissioning and after sales service/warranty.

Great Coffee, Great Price.

Inverness Coffee Roasting Company hand roasts and supplies coffee to local restaurants, bistros, delis, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, bars and offices throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

We guarantee excellent value for a quality product with a personal service that caters for your businesses needs. For more information, or to book a tasting please contact us.