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Mbale has risen in the past decade to become a renowned producer of washed coffees, rivalling its more famous neighbour; Kenya. Expect to find moderate levels of citric acidity, clean cupping and juicy fruit flavours, interspersed with punchy rich chocolate from these small holder ‘Shambas’ as they’re known.

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Cupping Notes

Bold chocolate body, dry malty biscuit flavours with buttery cocoa aromas!

Monkey’s Notes

The Coffee Baron’s wife loved this cause it smelled and tasted chocolatey and nutty (just like her 😝). Lovely Flo thinks its best served filtered or in the cafetiere.


Not all coffee tastes the same and coffee varies in strength. To determine the strength of a coffee, a number of things are important, including the origin of the coffee.

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Weight 250 g

Whole Beans, Cafetiere, Filter, Espresso

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